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Are you looking for a friendly, casual atmosphere to fly Remote Control (RC) aircraft near beautiful Fernandina Beach, FL? Have you ever wanted to see what it's like to be at the controls of an RC aircraft? Maybe you want to learn to fly RC aircraft but don't know how to start?

Come and experience the thrill and enjoyment of RC modeling with the Island Flyers. The Island Flyers is a chartered member club of the American Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) and is a great place to experience this fine hobby. Your membership provides access to our flying facilities and the friendly, helpful camaraderie of our flying instructors and members.

The annual dues and initiation fees of the Island Flyers R/C Club are currently as follows:
Membership Type Initiation Fee Annual Dues
Juniors (Under 18 by Jan 1) $0.00 $50
Standard membership $0.00


Please note: The Island Flyers require its members to maintain a current AMA Membership.

Please download and send your Membership Application to:

Island Flyers R/C Club
John Willis, President
85225 Napeague Drive,  Fernandina Beach, FL 32218

The annual renewal date is the first day of January each year.

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