04-09-14- Added Sean Music's FPV Video Page

1-21-14 Added Road Trip to Field to Jim's Videos

2-24-14 Added Club Calendar to Website

2-28-14 Added IF in Action to Jim's Videos

5-13-2014 Added 4 New Videos To Jim's Videos

(FPV Car Chase), (Around The Park), (Island Flyers @North Hampton) & (John's Heli Flying)

5-13-2014 Added Peters point to Sean's videos

5-14-2014 Added Photo Gallery to Website

6-18-2014 Added Phantom & U-Can-Do + Seans First FPV Experience to Jim's Videos

6-26-2014 Added Pushing The Envelope to Jim's Videos

6-29-2014 Added QAV400 Test flight to Jim's Videos

7-2-2014 Added Crazy Treetop Flyer to Jim's Videos

7-22-2014 Added Bog Bash to Jim's Videos

7-22-2014 Added Ken Northup's Video Page & First Phantom Video

7-30-2014-Added 2nd flight, Tiger Point, Ybor Alvarez, & Old Town Park to Ken Northup's Videos

08-18-2014 Added 4 new Videos to Jim's Video, Phantom Trek, Picking up the pieces,
Crazy Adreneline Flight, & Bushwacking

08-18-2014 Added 4 new Videos to Ken Northup's Videos, Sunset Flying, Fernandina Main Beach,
Mike's Walkera Test Flight & Peters Point

08-30-2014 Added DJI Phantom Nite Light Flight to Jim'd Videos
Added 2Phantoms At Dusk and Phantoms In The Dark to Ken's Videos 

10-10-2014 Added 4 Videos to Jim's Vides- Humming Bird and GoPro, Maiden Flight of Durafly Junior,
Flight of the Divo 3D, & Fernandina Beach Ocean Waves

10-10-2014 Added Fernandina Beach Marina to Ken Northup's Videos

12-12-2014-Added 3 new videos to Jim's Videos, Ft. Myers Beach
First Flight Of the FPVRaptor V2 and Testing out DJI Phantom and Zenmise Gimbal

02/18/2015- Added 9 new Videos to Jim's Videos
Added 1 new Video to Ken's videos

12 Videos Added to Jim's Videos & 2 Videos Added to Ken's Videos

04-11-2015 Updated Club Roster & Documents